Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wedding Planning Update

Less than two months until our wedding day!  Lots happening!

1.  Dress fittings are done!  All that needed to be done with shortening the hem.  The dress is back in my grandma's closet, and will just go back for a final steam before the wedding day.

2.  Decorated our envelope box!  Quin was so great and loaned us her envelope box from her wedding, so I just needed to update the décor to match our wedding colours.  I enjoyed working with the glue gun, actually, haha.  Added some plum ribbon around the top edge, moved some white flowers to one side, and made a cascade effect of small plum purple and white flowers across the top and down the other side.  I think it turned out quite pretty!

3.  We have so many RSVPs back!  I've been keeping a spreadsheet, and we only have 47 out of 157 invited guests left to hear from!  Most people have been RSVPing yes.  I'm going to download our escort card template a.s.a.p and begin typing in guest names, then I just have to add the final table number later but at least one part would be done.

4.  One bridal shower down, and one left to go!  So looking forward to April 13th, seeing some good friends and family and enjoying a luncheon together.  I'm loving how much weddings bring family together! 

5.  This weekend is a meeting with the florist to discuss the bouquets and I'm hoping we'll make some final decisions.

6.  The guys have been measured for their tuxedos!

7.  We've chosen our cake in general, but we just need to make final flavour decisions -- hoping to come to a decision about that this weekend, too.

8. We've heard from our officiant and have some sample ceremonies to look through so we can discuss our ceremony plan in a meeting soon.

9.   Mr. Lock went and got our marriage license this morning!  So we are officially licensed to wed!

Things have been going smoothly so far!  Still quite a few things to do, but mostly I think it will turn out to be a great event.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together on May 24th!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The 2 Month Countdown

Today marks the 2 month countdown to our wedding day!  It has been a relatively stress-free experience, fortunately.  I think helping my best friends plan their weddings before mine was really useful.  I knew generally what needed to be done and in what order, got a good book for a To Do List to follow, and then Mr. Lock and I just made appointments as necessary and took it all one step at a time.  Our RSVP cards are coming back, and each day its great fun to open them up and see who has replied.  We're actually getting them back really quickly which is awesome, I think we are only waiting to hear from about 70 more guests (out of the 157 we invited).

We've been for our food tasting, and we've been to the bakery to order our cake.  We haven't made final decisions on the cake yet, but at least our preferred bakery is booked.  My first dress fitting was a couple of weeks ago, and I go back on April 2nd to try it on again after the alteration -- it only needed to be shortened, so that's pretty great.  The guys are going for their tux measurements, we picked out their formal wear over March Break so they're good to go for measurements any time.  I have an appointment with my florist on April 5th to make the decision about my bouquets -- Mr. Lock's mom is making our centre pieces herself, which I'm quite happy about!

There are some bridal showers coming up.  My bridesmaids are hosting one on April 13th, and then my dad's cousin wanted to host one on March 30th for their side of the family.  My great-aunt is quite ill, so her and my great-uncle won't be able to attend the wedding.  I think having a shower in their home is my dad's cousin's way of including her parents in the wedding festivities.  I grew up very close to my great-aunts and great-uncles on my dad's side, his cousins were much like aunts and uncles to us growing up.  It's great how weddings bring everyone together again and we can have a few events to enjoy each other's company.

All in all, things are going really smoothly.  Now that the RSVPs are on their way in, we're beginning to consider table placements.  I'm hoping the seating plan won't be too much of a headache, I think we'll be able to sort it out without too many issues.  There are escort cards on Etsy that I'm going to purchase the template of so that Mr. Lock and I can make them ourselves once we know which table number each guest will be sitting at.

Two months and I'm a Mrs.!  What an exciting time of life!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Farewell, Recycling Bin...

Today I was at a workshop, so I'm home earlier than usual.  I lucked out and the workshop was held in my home town, so the commute for my work day was incredibly easy.  

Today happens to be garbage/recycling day.  I pull into my driveway only to discover that there is no blue recycling bin there any more.   We had a very windy, snowy day... and I guess it blew away.  I looked up the street, even walked a ways up, but I can't tell if there is any blue bin there that would belong to me instead of the other houses on the street; one doesn't look particularly out of place.

Did I consider writing my address on my recycling bin when we first got it?  I did.  I truly did think of it, said it out loud to Mr. Lock, and then couldn't find a black sharpie at that moment.  I then put out the recycling for two weeks without incident.

Alas, dear free blue bin, we used you three times and then you disappeared.  Nice knowing you.  Now I guess we'll need to go spend money we don't need to spend on another blue bin...

I'm going to find the black sharpie immediately, so I don't forget to write my address on the next one.  (Even then, I wonder how often they actually get returned to you when they blow away?).

Home ownership, amirite?

P.S.  I'm being haunted by a  damaged green bin that was laying on our property when we moved in.  I don't feel it's my job to deal with it, as I had nothing to do with it in the first place, so I passed the buck and put it on our neighbours boulevard (they haven't moved in).  However, with the wind, it has blown back over to my property and now I've gotten so annoyed with it that I've taken it into my garage and I'll figure out a way to dispose of it properly later!  I wonder whose damaged green bin it was to begin with???

Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Day 2014

Today is a great long weekend in Ontario, "Family Day"... which I often feel is a made-up sort of holiday, but at least it gives us an extra day off work!  Not Mr. Lock, though, who works for the federal government so he has Remembrance Day off instead. 

Today, my Family Day has consisted of my best friends helping me to prepare my wedding invitations, my dad helping us out by painting our basement floor, and my uncle finishing the install of our dishwasher!  That's some form of family time! 

We had a really productive weekend and spent some great time with friends, so I'm feeling a lot better than I was last time I updated the blog.  We were able to hang our drapery rods in the family room and bedroom, and prep our basement for the painting job my dad is doing today -- so the end is in sight for the mess of boxes in our dining area, since we'll soon be able to store them in the basement.  We organized our family room into a much more useful and comfortable space, it has finally come together in a way I like for now. 

My good friend Amanda invited me out to an exercise class yesterday morning that was so much fun, and really helped relieve some of the excess energy and negativity buzzing around in my body!  I'm glad I've joined a gym again, because I do think more regular exercise is what my body needs these days.  Her family also had us over for a very delicious Sunday dinner which was just what we needed.

I feel good about the progress made for the wedding invitations this morning, and when looking at our wedding to do list, it's very manageable.  I need to make a few phone calls to arrange a few appointments (florist, bakery, etc.), but I can do that this week on recess break at school.

Now I can enjoy the Olympics and relax, and go into this week with a much more positive attitude and a lot less exhaustion than last week! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

First House. The joy... but, oh, the stress.

Mr. Lock and I have officially been "homeowners" for one week!  One hectic, crazy, stressful week.  I love our house, LOVE IT.  I love being in it, I'm pleased with our hardwood colour and other décor choices (this was a brand new build so we had to choose the tiles and countertops and such).  It's the mess of unpacking, and having to coordinate so many things right now that I'm finding stressful and exhausting... but it will all get done eventually, and we've organized some of our belongings well enough to make the place liveable, so that's okay.

I'm having a bit of a stress break down, actually.  I think the weekend being a long weekend, and trying to catch up on some sleep, will be helpful.  Between obligations and things to do for work, and the set-up of the new house, and the list of wedding things to accomplish as we head towards the 3 month countdown to the big day.... ahhhh.  It's really getting to me.  The new earlier morning commute and the exhaustion of a week at school that had the 100th Day celebration, skating electives day, and then Valentine's Day... I'm too exhausted on week days to do as much as I've been pushing myself to do this past week.  I need to remember that we're going to live in this house for a long time, and since we aren't working on true interior decorating yet (we're mostly just using anything we had for our condo until we've got some savings/wedding gifts behind us)... well, I guess I need to just learn to let go of some of the house stuff so I can sleep properly at night and not be so worked up after the busy school day. 

Last night my entire body was *buzzing* with anger from stress, I haven't felt that way in a long time, if ever, and it was absolutely horrible.  I don't want to keep feeling that way, so I need to find a way to relax.  I think it's time to make some To Do lists, and then really figure out top priorities and take them one item at a time.

I also think I need to blog/journal more often again, as it is an important way for me to manage my anxieties and reflect on the good moments so I hold onto them longer.    I'm going to try to fix my way of thinking...

- we've had our blinds installed so we have better privacy on the main floor and bathrooms
- though they aren't installed yet (because it's a bit of a nightmare), the washer and dryer have at least been delivered and the installation guy my mom used before has been contacted and the part we need has been ordered
- we have moved a lot of boxes to rooms they need to go to, and we have unpacked a lot of boxes as well.  We mostly only have to work on organizing our basement (well, sweeping the dust and painting the floor) and then we can move our longer-term storage items down there and the whole dining room area will be decluttered.  Not that big of a job and a whole area will be taken care of.
- I've organized the kids I need to give permission forms to for a conference I'm going to in April; this was stressful because I have to take intermediate students and I don't teach any, but I had help from a grade 7 teacher and this has been sorted out.
- My students are so sweet and so nice, and we've had a lovely fun week even if it was crazy busy.
- Valentine's Day seemed to include my students bringing me many gifts of chocolate... chocolate makes me feel a lot better. 

So, first home... definitely some stress... but definitely happy, too... I'll manage with more time and organization to feel more settled in.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What a week!

This is my first week commuting further from work in awhile.  Last weekend, I moved out of the condo and back into my parents house.  I'll be living here for two weeks, and then on February 7th we close on our new house!  So, then we move our stuff AGAIN.  At least right now it is just being stored at our parents' houses, we didn't have to unpack/repack.

I'm having quite the week... first of all, report cards are due Friday and my weekend was so busy that I didn't work on them then.  I've been slowly chipping away at them, working on them when I can during the school day on my prep times, but now I really need to use tonight and tomorrow night wisely to ensure they are finished.  They are A LOT of work.  A LOT.

Secondly, my teaching partner (my DECE) is away, and has been since last Wednesday.  While teaching the whole program myself would be easy enough, it's difficult at this time to have a supply DECE and have all the usual routines thrown off.  I'm used to having my DECE there now, and she has particular things she's responsible for, so it does make it different and a little more stressful for her to be away.  So that's making this week difficult in some ways.

Then, I have crazy stories as far as parking and getting to work on time goes...with this new commute, I didn't give myself enough time on Monday considering the snowy weather and the number of accidents on the way to work.  I left at 7:30 am, which in better weather would have been fine, but I got stuck in traffic and didn't get to the school until 9 am!  I had called ahead, and the DECE started the day and all was fine, but I was disappointed that I ended up being there right at the bell.

THEN... I went out at lunch hour, and I had an expensive ticket on my front windshield!  We don't have enough parking for the number of staff members we have, and so I parked on the street where we've been told we can park.  Turns out, because of the weather, a snow plow had to come by and I got a ticket for blocking the snow plow.  Super annoying since where I work wasn't so snow covered that I would have expected a snow plow, PLUS, I would have had no other option for where to park for work.  I'm so grumpy about this ticket.

Tuesday, I did a lot better.  Left here at 7:10 am, and took a different route, and got to school at 8 am!  So much less stressful.

So, today, I was all ready and went out to start my car at 7:15 am.  Car wouldn't start, dead battery.  I go wake up my dad to ask for a boost, but we can't get the hood of my car open!  Long story short, the release latch for the hood was bent.  We had to call and wait for CAA, and they figured out how to open it and boosted my car.  I quickly took my mom's car to work, and she took my car to Honda for repair -- I'm so thankful for my supportive family!

I ended up calling the school and had someone cover for me for first period because by the time I got to work it was 9:40 am!  What an ordeal.  I would have just taken my mom's car to work right away, but my car was parked across the bottom of our driveway since I'm staying here and there aren't enough parking spaces for all of us, so I was blocking every other car in!

This has been a STRESSFUL first week being out of my condo, which was a five minute drive to work and had a parking garage to protect against the bitter cold.  Not such a great start, but all I can do for now is laugh it off... maybe the universe will be kinder when I move to my new house in a week and a half?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Things I'm Doing Since I Sure Ain't Blogging

I don't know where time is going!  I feel so busy these days!

Things I'm Currently Doing:

- packing!!!  We move out of our condo on SATURDAY.  Then, it's two weeks of living at my parents' house.

- working on assessment and report cards -- due to our Principal on Friday, Jan. 31

- dealing with paperwork and banking and all these grown up things to prepare for our move

- browsing furniture and home décor websites dreaming and scheming about what I'd like to do at the new house

- spending time with family, working on wedding plans and coordinating my mom and Mr. Lock's mom for bridal shower plans

- planning and preparing my lessons for teaching my awesome SK/1 class
So, it is a hectic and busy time... but it's also so exciting, we are getting so close to getting in to our house!  I am just so eager to see it, and while it will take some time to set it up and decorate it the way we want it (and get used to our new financial burdens, haha), I am loving this time in my life!

(Once I move, I'll need to start reviewing the 2014 Academy Award nominees, because I will need to prepare for my Oscar Night bet with my family!  Can't let that slide!)