Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Organized Person Hidden Within

I like who I am.  I like myself quite a lot.  I feel like I'm a reflective person, who is understanding of my flaws, and who has very much accepted the adult I've become.  I feel like I am caring and kind, I always try to be thoughtful of others, and I appreciate the type of people I surround myself with as friends (also thoughtful, ambitious, supportive, and I love them very much).  I appreciate my relationship with my family, I am lucky for how close I am to so many family members.  I am proud of my relationship with my in-laws.  My husband is my best friend and I feel so lucky for that, too.

There is still this one type of person I wish I was.  Someone I think I've been perceived to be at various times in my life, but I just cannot keep up with it the way I wish I could...

I wish I was truly the hyper-organized person that I think I project I could be.

I wish I was able to have one of those ridiculously, Pinterest-inspired organized homes.  I wish I was all crafty about it, and used space in the most amazing and organized ways.  I wish I had a perfect place for all of my things.

I wish I was better at the scrapbooking hobby I thought I'd try, and thought I'd take off with as a special hobby of my own.  I wish I could organize my photographs and memories into adorable scrapbooks and then store them on shockingly well-organized family room shelves.

I wish I organized meal plans and shopping lists and used cool grocery and menu planning apps to work on having a budget as well as a plan to help with dinners.  I don't wish this as hard as the other things, because Mr. Lock is my amazing personal chef so part of me also just appreciates his role in cooking for the two of us.  But, as we move forward and one day our lives change to being working parents... I will need to step in to deal with meals (so they are earlier in the evening), and so I do wish I had the capability/time management/organizational skills to menu plan and grocery shop in a cool, mom-blogger way.

I wish my classroom was more organized.  I wish I didn't always have piles of paper on my desk just after finally sorting through the other pile of paper that was there.  I wish I had the energy and motivation to stay into the evenings and clean up my classroom and set up amazing centres the night before each school day.

Honestly... I think in various experiences I have had I have given off the impression that I am quite the organized person.  I have the mindset and the wish to be a hyper-organized person.  I can make suggestions for how others can be organized.  I own a million notebooks and and calendars and always want more.  I drool over storage solutions and home design plans to organize spaces...

I just don't quite have the motivation or skill to pull it off well.  I am either too busy, or too tired, to bother.  Maybe if I keep dreaming, I will eventually do better in this area.  (HA! Probably not.)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our pup, Gryphon!

Gryphon is five months old now (as of May 7).  He's been in our home since Valentine's Day.  He is AWESOME.

He loves being outside.  We put bells on our back door, and he rings them when he needs out.  He often rings them just to go hang out on the grass.  (Also, to eat the grass.)   We do not having fencing yet, but we have a stake in the ground so he is attached to a tie-out and we don't need to worry about him running off on us.

He is fluffy and soft and snuggly, with wonderful fur that does not shed.  Just how we like it!  If you sit on the floor with him, he will always move onto your lap while he chews on his toys.  He is a love-bug.

He is already pretty independent.  Often, he is sleeping under the kitchen table on the cool, tile floor.  Being fluffy, he doesn't seem to like the dog beds we have for him.  I can only assume he gets too warm, and so the tile or hardwood it is.  We like that he is already calm and settled for most of the day, as it should bode well for the type of adult dog he will be.

He is still joyfully playful!  He loves to chase a ball or his puppy-frisbee (a smaller, soft frisbee).  He really loves chasing tennis balls and brings them back.  He is learning to "leave it", he doesn't struggle to much if you reach to get the ball out of his mouth.  He seems to want us to throw it over and over again.  He is bouncy, and leaps over the short stairs to the backyard or to the front entry area of our houses.  It is fun to watch him bounce and jump like a classic wheaten terrier should!

He is quiet.  He will bark, but he doesn't bark that often.  He doesn't bark when someone comes to the door.  He barks when he is outside and someone is walking in the nearby park or if he can see someone walking on the street behind our house.  He stops pretty quickly though when told to or distracted by something else, like a toy.

He sleeps really well in his crate.  We have transitioned him to a larger crate since he is growing.  He doesn't whine or cry when crated, he seems to just curl up and have a nap.  He sleeps through the night and rarely bothers us in the morning to let him out, we usually have to let him out and give him time to stretch and then encourage him to come down the stairs to go out for the bathroom.  He is wonderfully lazy, like us!

He is smart.  He has learned some commands and tricks quite quickly.  However, he is also stubborn.  He won't go for a walk with just one of us.  He does walk if we both go, or if we walk him with my parents' dog.  This is our next area to work on, because we'd love to be able to talk him for more walks but he is stubborn!

All in all, we love him and are so glad we chose to add him to our family!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ways I've Been Productive Today

I had a day at home today because of an appointment.  I... was very tired and lazy, so then I figured I needed to list ways I was productive so I feel better about also being very lazy.  I was composing this in an email to Mr. Lock just so I could tell SOMEONE about my accomplishments, then remembered I've wanted to blog more and probably the reason I feel the need to SHARE is because I miss sharing the mundane moments of my life in this format.  So here goes:

1) Doctors appointment to start the day, alls well and such.

2) Emptied dishwasher/dealt with dishes by the sink.

3) Cleaned fish bowl (a HUGE accomplishment, really) (that poor fish, I'm tellin' ya).

4)  Finally dealt with a Service Ontario letter I received awhile ago about my VIN being incorrect... and... it WAS incorrect on my insurance slips.  So, good I found that paperwork and paid attention to it.  Emailed insurance broker to have mistake fixed.

5)  Submitted Scholastic orders and did a few emails for work related things.

6) Folded and put away my winter sweaters that were messy in our room.

7)  Folded and put away clothes on top of Gryphon's crate.

8)  Tried taking Gryphon for walk.  Epic fail.  Eff him and walking alone.  Browsed dogs for adoption out of frustration of him needing a friend to walk with.  (KIDDING.  Though I did browse a bit...)(I think Dr. McVet has trained him to not walk alone because she wants us to have more pets, must look into this conspiracy theory).

9) Caught up on my recorded episodes of the Ellen DeGeneres Show so the PVR was cleaned up a bit.  That's very, very important, afterall. (Yes, I record Ellen.  I'm addicted to her talk show.).

10) Brushed Gryphon thoroughly.

11) Erm.  Uh.  

Okay, that's it.

I think I'm going to refresh the look of my blog, in some simple fashion, and then try to get back to it.  I do miss it.  Gah!

So, that will be number 11 if I get that accomplished...  11) Refreshed blog.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Break - woo hoo!

I am officially on March Break, and I am so glad! haha.  I love my class, but teaching kindergarten is exhausting, and a break is lovely!

I'm going to have a real "staycation".  Actually, it is mostly just "stay" with very little "cation".  Not many plans at all, but at least that leaves me open to making plans if anything comes up.  I am going to have a lovely afternoon tomorrow with my friend's daughter as an early celebration of her birthday.  Tuesday evening, I'm taking in a viewing of the new Cinderella movie with some friends.  Wednesday, a co-worker may come by to meet our puppy and chat over coffee for a bit.  I also hope to do some decluttering and reorganizing in our guest room and home office... both areas need some TLC, as they have become quite the "drop spot" for a variety of items, and we need to make better use of some storage areas in those rooms.

I'm glad for a week to spend time training the puppy, not feeling rushed in the mornings to get out the door, and to just relax and refresh!

In some ways, I cannot believe March Break is already here.  We are heading into the spring (yay!), and into the last 3.5 months of this school year.  It's amazing how time flies!

For now I'm going to focus on having a relaxing week, and I'm going to try to hope this particular week doesn't go by TOO quickly!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On Being a Puppy Parent

Our puppy, Gryphon, has been home for a just over a week now.  We have been enjoying his presence immensely, though it is worth noting that puppies take a lot of WORK.  However, we figure this is good practice for parenting one day, haha.

He's been settling in really nicely.  The first day, he was shy and timid, but would cuddle with us and it was all very cute and sweet.  He seemed to learn quite well that first weekend to go to the back door for us to let him out for the bathroom.  In a week of bringing a new puppy home, we've only had about 3 accidents inside -- and all of them we can pinpoint to our error of not reading his "signs" at that moment (he isn't trying to sneak off and hide and "mark a spot" or anything like that).  My aunt recommended that we put some bells by the backdoor and train him to ring the bell if he needs to go out.  We ordered some online and put them up on Friday.  He's already ringing them when he wants us to open the door most of the time.  He is one smart puppy!

This week, the more comfortable he became, the more bold he became with things like CHEWING.  Fortunately, he mostly goes for his toys (we made sure to have an abundance of choices so he can chew away!).  This past weekend, he started to gnaw at other things (such as the legs of our ottoman in the family room), however we are still watching him closely so we are able to redirect him fairly quickly to a toy instead.  When he is energetic, he seems to think we are puppies too and tries to dive at us to play with us.  We are trying to give him lots of exercise outside to curb some of that behaviour... make sure he has proper outlets for his energy.  He isn't being "aggressive", he's just being a puppy!  We will be sure to sign him up for some training classes after his next set of shots, which can happen after next weekend.

He's sleeping really well in his crate.  We give him play time, and then he also spends time crated so he learns that's where he is to sleep and that it's a secure and safe space for him.  Also to save our sanity, haha.  He will nibble less once his adult teeth come in and his gums don't bother him as much.

We feel pretty good about our puppy parenting so far... it's a fun new adventure for us! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscar Night 2015!

Today is one of my favourite days -- Oscar, Oscar!

I love watching the Academy Awards, and if you've been reading my blog in the past few years, then you might recall it is a HUGE tradition to watch the show with my family, and bet on the winners!  We all fill out a ballot, and I even have a special folder for keeping past ballots.  I've been a lucky winner before, but this year I'm not so sure how it will go!

I haven't seen that many of the nominated films, unfortunately.  We just haven't been going to the movie theatre as often.  I did see The Imitation Game, which was very good, and Gone Girl, and maybe some of the films nominated for other awards but not Best Picture.

I'm torn for Best Picture between betting on Boyhood or Birdman.  Both seem to be winning at other awards shows, and both have a good shot this year according to the "experts".... I may end up voting for Birdman since it won at a few awards that are usually quite "telling" for who will take home Best Picture at the Oscars.  Boyhood won at the Golden Globes, but Birdman did better at some of the other awards (Screen Actor's Guild, Director's Guild, and Spirit Awards, for example)... bah!  It is tricky this year!  Maybe we'll all be in for a surprise and a completely different nominee will take home the golden statue!

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this year, and I think he will put on an excellent performance.  I adored Ellen DeGeneres hosting last year.  I've seen NPH host the Tony Awards, and he does a fabulous job and I love his sense of humour... so I think we'll be in for an entertaining night.

I'm off now to make my Oscar Night Cupcakes (nothing fancy, but it's just tradition that I bring cupcakes over on Oscar Night, haha).  I am really looking forward to another fun night with my family, with our little competition making things a bit more fun. ;-)

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Puppy News!

Meet our boy, Gryphon!

We are so excited to have "picked-a-puppy"!  It was not an easy process!  They are all too cute.  When we got there, there were two boys and a girl to choose from in this litter.  In my mind, I was looking at the female and trying to decide if she was a good fit for us.  I had it in my head that I wanted a female dog because that's what my family members have usually had, so I am used to females.  However, the female was very blah... she was cute, but didn't show much personality and I was having trouble connecting with her.

We put all three puppies on the floor at the kennel, and the female along with one of her brothers were mostly playing with each other and were hiding under a bench.  They weren't showing much interest in the toys the breeder had around.

Then, this little guy caught our attention.  He was exploring more, and was trying to play with a ball, and he was actually coming over to see us... not just hiding away like his brother and sister.  He had some spunk and energy, and when I bent down to call to the puppies he crawled right up onto my lap.
It felt like "Take me home!  Take me home!"

I picked him up, and he cuddled into my arms, and I said to Mr. Lock -- "What about this guy?!"

He wasn't the original puppy we were looking at, but then he totally chose US.  We are so excited for when we get to bring him home!  We thought it was going to be this weekend, but after a vet visit last Monday (at 8 weeks old), it was discovered that his lower canines are "impinging on his upper palate".  So, he is going to have a dental procedure this Wednesday.  Hopefully it means we get to bring our pup home on Valentine's Day.  What a sweet gift!

P.S. There is a chance his bold personality means we have a bit of a strong-willed and crazy dog coming our way, but we will work hard on training, and love our crazy guy no matter what!