Monday, December 08, 2014

New Car!

I am getting quite excited!  While I am of course disappointed that I was in a car collision, a silver lining from the experience is that I'm getting a brand-new car this week!  I've never had a brand-new car, and Mr. Lock and I decided (since my insurance settlement for my car was quite decent) that we could afford to get me one I really like, and that's a slightly larger size than the two, small cars we had before.  We just feel it makes more sense to have a vehicle with some additional trunk space available, and if we are fortunate enough to start a family of our own soon it will be wonderful to have a more spacious vehicle.

We decided to go with a 2015 Hyundai Tuscon.  Mark has a Hyundai, and I really like his car.  The Tuscon comes with some great features (without even having to go to the most expensive trim level), and it was really comfortable to drive.  I've decided to go with a blue colour, as my previous car was gray and I just felt like a fresh start with a colourful change!

I should be hearing from the dealership tomorrow that the car has arrived, so hopefully I can pick it up in the next couple of days!  I am really excited to drive something so new, and to have heated seats this winter, and to be able to put a USB key of awesome music in my car to listen to on my drive to work!  It can be so fun to have something new!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My First Car Accident

A blog can be a great place to write about first time experiences, sadly this one isn't a happy one!

The most important thing is that there were no injuries at all.  I feel I need to say that before I even document my experience.

So, we had terrible weather here earlier this week.  After a dry, fairly easy drive to work the weather turned very sour and the drive home was quite slick.  It was wet, snowy, icy... just terrible driving conditions.  I pride myself on being a very, very safe driver so I was trying to be extra cautious of course.

I didn't take my usual route home, as I was worried that the on-ramp to the highway could be slippery and I didn't want to have issues with cars going too fast on the highway.  I decided to head over to another major road, hoping it would be plowed or at least well-traveled and a little safer.  Along that main road, I felt that I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  This made me nervous because with all the stopping and starting, I didn't want a rear-ending issue to happen.  It was taking a long time to crawl along, so I decided to head West on a well-known street and work my way over to another major road that would lead me North to home and close to my neighbourhood.

I was driving along West-bound, and as I approached the intersection I merged into the right turn lane so I could continue on my journey North.

At the same time, a car made a left turn into a plaza... all I remember is thinking "No!  I won't be able to stop!" (no room, slick conditions), as I pumped my break and just braced myself for the impact.  The car had cut through two lanes of traffic to turn into the plaza, and I had merged to the right turn lane (as you do when you are going to turn right at the upcoming intersection), and it was just wrong place, wrong time.  Also because of the weather conditions, I don't believe the car turned as quickly into the plaza as they may have on a dry day (the driveway was a bit uphill and was covered in snow).  I couldn't swerve around them, because of the full lane of traffic in the lane left of mine.

Anyway, I collided with the other vehicle.  The front of my car hit the back, right side of their car near their back tire (my car was much smaller, theirs an SUV).  There was no visible damage to the exterior of their car, the front of my car is quite squashed.  I wasn't travelling fast or dangerously, the air bags didn't deploy or anything like that.

We were able to pull into the plaza to exchange information.  My car was drive-able, and later that night Mr. Lock and my dad went back to the plaza to drive my car back to a body shop up here.  (I had Mr. Lock meet me at the plaza after the accident occurred as I was so shaken and needed his support).  I've made my insurance claim, and now am just waiting to hear what the estimate is and all that.  I had insurance coverage for a rental vehicle, so I got one so that I could drive to and from work this week.

It was such a scary experience.  I was in so much shock, and then was sobbing uncontrollably that night.  It wasn't my fault, the weather conditions were horrible and there were so many collisions on the roads that night... plus, the person should have been extra careful about making a left turn into a plaza (especially not at lights or from a left-turn lane or anything; cutting through traffic to turn left when the weather is so horrible for one of the first times this winter?  Not a very safe decision).

The thing I have to remind myself is that a car is just an object though, this is why we have insurance, and the most important thing is that absolutely no one was injured in any way.  It will continue to remind me of why I drive so carefully; and while we cannot control the other drivers on the road, it is important to personally remember to be cautious in a vehicle, especially in poor weather.

It was a first, and it is not an experience I would like to relive any time soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The One Where I Think I Was Supposed to Recap My Honeymoon 2 Months Ago...

I believe about two months ago I said I'd come back to write about my honeymoon!  Well, I certainly followed through on that didn't I?  Ah well, teaching Kindergarten is sooo exhausting.  By the time I am home, it is hard to do much other than relax with my feet up in front of mindless television.  However, here I am, so let me tell you about our trip!

We waited to go on our honeymoon until the summer, since we got married during the school year.  We had weighed our options, and we decided that what was most "us", and what would allow us to have the most time together, would be a road trip honeymoon rather than flying to an Island vacation for just a week.  Neither of us had ever been to the East Coast, so we decided to go ahead and see our own beautiful country!

We spent two and a half weeks travelling.  We first went to Quebec City for a couple of nights.  It was nice to see it, and the Old City is so beautiful, however it was SO rainy that it was hard to really enjoy our evenings there.  We did have a great day of sightseeing, but it ended very rainy, wet, and chilly.

After that, we were off to New Brunswick!  It was such a beautiful province to drive through.  We decided it was our favourite in-land drive.  There was NO traffic, AT ALL, anywhere.  It was amazing how fast we could travel place to place in New Brunswick.  We stayed in Fredericton, and then at a small motel near the Hopewell Rocks.  We then met up with Dr. McVet and her husband to visit the Hopewell Rocks for the day.  We walked the ocean floor, and stayed to see the high tide as well.  Here are a couple of our pictures:

The Hopewell Rocks before we went down to walk the floor ourselves.

A few hours later when the tide had come in!
Such an awesome transition to see!  It was really fun.  When walking the ocean floor, it felt prehistoric.  The water was also so brown, it was like chocolate milk.  Very interesting!

After New Brunswick, we met up with the rest of the Sitcom Group of Friends in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the August long weekend.  We had a wedding to attend, on a boat!  On our first day in Nova Scotia, we visited Peggy's Cove.  This was such a beautiful place, and I felt like I could lounge in the sun and watch the tide roll in for hours.  Then, we explored Halifax and had a fantastic time at the Hat family's wedding (pseudonym, obvs).

Peggy's Cove, NS
Following our weekend with our friends, Mr. Lock and I took off on our own again and we spent two nights driving along the Cabot Trail.  This was probably our favourite part of the whole trip.  The Cape Breton Highlands National Park was beautiful, and the drive along the coast was gorgeous!  We decided that while New Brunswick was our favourite in-land drive, Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia generally was our favourite coastal drive.  We both agreed that we would love to go back to the Cabot Trail one day, and spend more time hiking and visiting the beaches there.

A view from a look-out along the Cabot Trail.
Our next stop was Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  We took the ferry across from Nova Scotia to P.E.I.  It was really awesome because we actually saw a pod of Pilot Whales while we were on the ferry.  We otherwise saw next to no wildlife on the entire trip!!  Which was quite surprising!

Prince Edward Island was very nice, very small, very quaint.  However, we didn't feel blown away by it.  We found that it was difficult to see much without constantly having to pay again.  We had to pay a Provincial Park fee to see Cavendish Beach, but we only had a day of touring so we weren't stopping at the Beach for long... then we had to pay a DIFFERENT Provincial Park fee to visit L.M. Montgomery's homestead/inspiration for Anne of Green Gables.  The red sands were really interesting to see, and we had some of the most delicious food of the whole trip while in P.E.I.  We just found it a bit dull for us compared to the other provinces we had visited.

Cavendish Beach, P.E.I.
We took the huge Confederation Bridge to drive back into New Brunswick as we headed back home.  We spent one night in Moncton at the New Brunswick Casino Hotel.  It was pouring rain, so we never really saw Moncton.  We did drive the Magnetic Hill which was very, very cool to experience.  I know it's an optical illusion, but it REALLY feels like your car is rolling uphill, and quite fast.  I took a video and it is amazing!

We drove to Montreal the next day, just to spend a night there to break up the drive, and then we ended our honeymoon by spending time with Mark's family at the cottage they rent to the North-East of Toronto back here in Ontario.

It was such a wonderful vacation and honeymoon.  We spent quality time together, experienced the beauty of the Eastern part of our country, and even spent special time with our best friends and Mark's family.  It was a perfect honeymoon, and one day I do hope to go back and visit the East Coast again.

P.S.  The photos in this post were all our own, I'm pretty impressed with how gorgeous they turned out!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Let's start back in May with my wedding?


I didn't MEAN to stop blogging!

I've just been very busy, I suppose!  I've also been a little frustrated with my laptop, so I haven't been doing many things I usually did online.  I'm going to try to continue blogging, because I do very much enjoy it!

So many wonderful things happened since my last post!

Mr. Lock and I got married, first of all.  I never blogged about my wedding!  I cannot believe it.

So, we had an absolutely fantastic wedding day.  After a very cool spring, our May 24th wedding day was sunny and quite warm!  It was just perfect.  Everything went according to plan, and I just had so much FUN. The dance party was everything I wanted it to be (that's my favourite part of any wedding, so it was what I cared very much about for my OWN wedding).  My aunts and uncles on my mother's side stayed right until the very end of the night, and we even ended everything with a big group sing-along to Bohemian Rhapsody... it was so cool.  They had such a great time, I was glad I could provide them with that!  I was the first of my cousins to get married on both sides of my very large family, so it was a very special event for everyone.

It was just so exciting to have all of the important people in our lives gathered together in one place... I am so very happy with how my wedding day went!  It all went by very quickly... however, I have incredibly happy memories of the day.

After the wedding, it was time to write report cards and finish off my year teaching SK/1.  I had such a great class, it was bittersweet to see the school year end.  We were also spending time doing some furniture shopping and continuing to set up our new house.  It is coming along nicely.  Our next project will be painting and putting up photos and art, so far we have nothing on the walls.  We are taking our time though.  As a new construction, it is recommended we wait to paint until the house has settled more.  We can still have the builder come back and fix a few things up until the 1 year mark, so we may wait to paint because we have some nail pops that need repair.

Married life has been great so far!  For Mr. Lock and I, not much changed, since we were already living together and forging our life together.  We are very happy, though.

I will update soon about our honeymoon trip this summer -- we drove through the East Coast of Canada, and it was an amazing adventure!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Bachelorette Party!

Our wedding is less than three weeks away now.  Talk about HOME STRETCH, omg!!!

I feel very prepared, but there's just a few things I know I really need to do asap that I must keep to the forefront of my mind otherwise I'll start to get a *wee bit* panicked.  However, for the most part, we're incredibly well-prepared and ready!  I will just have to remind myself of how well-prepared we are, so I don't start to feel worried unnecessarily!

This weekend, Mr. Lock had his Bachelor Weekend with his brother and friends.  I think it went well, I haven't heard details yet!  Last night, my awesome co-Matrons-of-Honour threw me my Bachelorette Night!

It was just the sort of night that was perfect for me.  It started with dinner, and there were only four of us at dinner but it was really great.  A few more ladies were invited, but they ended up having to cancel last minute, but all in all it worked out to be a nice meal.

Then, my very good friend Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy joined us and we were off to go line dancing!  We went to the place Amanda and I go to a few times a year!  I just love it there!

For line dancing, a couple of other friends met us out there.  I hope everyone had a good time -- I sure did!  I joined in to LOTS of the line dances, and it was just awesome.  I love following along, even if I'm not quite doing it right, as I try to learn a few more combinations.  It's also great exercise, let alone how much fun we have!

I really had a good time with my few, close, best friends and that was all I was looking for in a Bachelorette night out.  It was so much fun.  Also, it was the last pre-wedding event until our rehearsal on May 23rd, and the big day on May 24th!  Suddenly, time is speeding by... next thing you know, I'll be one half of an old married couple!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Less than a month to go!

Mr. Lock and I have less than a month until our wedding day!!  Plans have all been coming along really well, things are going smoothly.  We've created our ceremony and have shared the plan with the officiant.  We have our cake flavours chosen.  We're working on some music selections, but mostly have those chosen, too.  We're just on the very fine details and little touches we want to add to make the event memorable and unique to "us".  The RSVPs are almost all in!

I'm feeling excited, and also a little nervous for the ceremony part and speaking in front of everyone.  I know it will be really nice, though.  I'm very much looking forward to being married!!!

So, less than a month!  I feel very ready, and not that stressed, so that's perfect!

Let's just hope for some nice weather!  It has been TOO COLD so far this spring... I hope May warms up!

Woo hoo!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wedding Planning Update

Less than two months until our wedding day!  Lots happening!

1.  Dress fittings are done!  All that needed to be done with shortening the hem.  The dress is back in my grandma's closet, and will just go back for a final steam before the wedding day.

2.  Decorated our envelope box!  Quin was so great and loaned us her envelope box from her wedding, so I just needed to update the d├ęcor to match our wedding colours.  I enjoyed working with the glue gun, actually, haha.  Added some plum ribbon around the top edge, moved some white flowers to one side, and made a cascade effect of small plum purple and white flowers across the top and down the other side.  I think it turned out quite pretty!

3.  We have so many RSVPs back!  I've been keeping a spreadsheet, and we only have 47 out of 157 invited guests left to hear from!  Most people have been RSVPing yes.  I'm going to download our escort card template a.s.a.p and begin typing in guest names, then I just have to add the final table number later but at least one part would be done.

4.  One bridal shower down, and one left to go!  So looking forward to April 13th, seeing some good friends and family and enjoying a luncheon together.  I'm loving how much weddings bring family together! 

5.  This weekend is a meeting with the florist to discuss the bouquets and I'm hoping we'll make some final decisions.

6.  The guys have been measured for their tuxedos!

7.  We've chosen our cake in general, but we just need to make final flavour decisions -- hoping to come to a decision about that this weekend, too.

8. We've heard from our officiant and have some sample ceremonies to look through so we can discuss our ceremony plan in a meeting soon.

9.   Mr. Lock went and got our marriage license this morning!  So we are officially licensed to wed!

Things have been going smoothly so far!  Still quite a few things to do, but mostly I think it will turn out to be a great event.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together on May 24th!