Thursday, July 16, 2015


Being home in the summer reminds me that I'd appreciate having a hobby.  Some form of crafting or project work that I could pick up and do during the mid-afternoon when I definitely don't feel like cleaning my house.

Let's Consider...

1) Scrapbooking. 
I've said I'd like to do this forever.  I own Scrapbooking supplies, and I have tried my hand at it.  I'm just not particularly... good.  I mean, who cares really because I'm only Scrapbooking for me... but... eh.  I have a vision, I've seen others who have made amazing Scrapbooking pages and then I try it, and it *always* looks like it was a page made by a 9-year-old.  I think I get sticker-happy!  Also, EXPENSIVE.  What the heck, Scrapbooking supplies can be very expensive.  Also, my autocorrect on this tablet I'm typing on keeps capitalizing Scrapbooking, so I suppose that tells us something about how Hip and Popular it has become.

2) Knitting.
I've said I'd like to do this forever.  I envision myself as one of those people who always have a large bag with them, and who can pull out their latest knitting project wherever they are.  Only, I do not know how to knit.  Sometimes, I try to find YouTube tutorials.  Then I realize I don't own the supplies.  Then I think about spending money on knitting supplies, and remember they will probably end up sitting in the cupboard beside my Scrapbooking supplies.  Then I give up and watch TV instead.

3) Painting. 
But, really... what would I do with my paintings?  You know, if they didn't always look like a 9-year-old painted them.

4) Gardening.
Hey, we have a house now.  I'm going to be an awesome gardener.  Except, we aren't fenced in yet and there's no point in landscaping.  Also, plants are expensive.  (What the heck?!)  How about I just tend this small garden out front, oh look the perennials grew back and it's watered... so.

5. Cooking/Baking?
HA. HA HA HA.  I mean, I could do this.  I'm home and could make us amazing dinners.  I could cook my way through a cook book and blog about it (That's a fresh idea, right?).  But... I have a husband who is an awesome cook and who enjoys it and... well.  I don't really enjoy it.  Also, I can't just bake all the time.  I'm already gaining weight as I get older and forget to exercise.  I shouldn't keep indulging in sweets (after I finished the cake and chocolates left over from my 30th birthday celebrations, of course). 

6. Exercise!
Well, doesn't this solve all problems?  I have a gym membership.  I could spend this random afternoon time over at the gym, even walking the treadmill would be good.  The gym is open, it's not far away, the power is in my hands.... but.. I mean.  Let's just move on, okay?!

Ah well.  Being crafty, or active, is overrated.  I've got a list of TV shows I'd like to watch on Netflix, anyway.  Plus there's always that house cleaning (HA. HA HA HA.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Yesterday was my 30th birthday.

It just sounds like such a grown-up age.  My husband is 31, and I have friends in their 30s, and it never seemed like a big deal to me.  Yet, on the last day of being 29, I actually felt wistful and a bit emotional.

I don't personally *feel different*, as you rarely do when you age as an adult (I barely feel different than I did turning 19), but wow.  I am a 30-year-old now.  I'm in my 30's.  It seems like it should be different.

It seems more mature.  I feel like I have more authority behind my ideas and opinions.  I'm happy to go back to work in September as a 30-year-old teacher.  It feels as though I should be taken even more seriously now, even though I know I've been a knowledgeable and great teacher for the past six years anyway.

The fact that it's a whole new decade of life seems meaningful.  Life between 0 - 10 was childhood wonder and imagination, life between 10 - 19 were teen years based on forming identity and individuality, life between 20 - 29 was about independence, career, and establishing meaningful relationships.  It was also about reconnecting with family and learning to appreciate family relationships as friendships.

Now I begin 30 - 39. 

My predictions:  Hopefully these are the years of establishing our own family.  These will be my child-bearing years, our years of snuggling our sweet babies and managing sleepless nights.  Changes in our social time as we start a family... though hopefully our friends and other family members will begin to start their families too and our social activities will just shift.  These are the years I've been looking forward to for a long time... I'm such a maternal person, after all.  I feel like this is my decade to "shine".  I'm established as a permanent contract teacher, I have a home and a husband, I am ready for the next phase.

This may be a decade with loss.  It's hard as I get older not to consider those around me who are aging too.  Ten more years with three living grandparents doesn't seem possible, as an example.  I'm fortunate enough to have three grandparents in my life at the time of my 30th birthday.  With having children later and later now, this won't be the reality of future children I'm sad to say.  Loss is a part of the cycle of life, though, and to be honest... at least I feel better prepared to manage my emotions when thinking about this sort of change.

Another important point about turning 30, I have to admit that the anxiety that plagued my life for so long is currently under much better control.  I'm a more flexible thinker, I handle change better.  I'm able to relax and take more in stride.  I feel more confident in my personal safety in many ways compared to how helpless and scared I used to feel. 

Is my anxiety gone? 

No.  Not at all. It still lingers below the surface as a gentle buzzing across my skin... I'm just certainly better at keeping it at bay, and am better at rational thinking than when I was younger.

So, I'm thirty-years-old.  I'm in my 30s.   I'm a mature, independent adult.   I wonder what my life story really will be in this next decade?  I'm ready for it.

Monday, July 06, 2015


I've spent my first two weekends of summer up at my friends' cottages.  We no longer have a family cottage of our own, but I'm so lucky that two of my best friends have cottages we can visit for a weekend every summer.  The cottages had the added bonus of also being the location for celebrating two of our best friends turning 30!

The weekend weather was absolutely perfect, so we were able to be outside almost the whole weekend.  We sunbathed on the dock, read books, played cards and board games, had a campfire, and one of our friends who is a yoga instructor gave us a yoga lesson on the dock!  It was so peaceful, relaxing, and just plain FUN to be away with our Sitcom Group of Friends for the whole weekend.

There's just something so soothing and special about being by the water.  I love lounging in the boat reading a book as the lake gently rocks me.  The sound of children laughing and splashing in the lake from neighbouring cottages reminds me of my amazing childhood memories of time spent at my grandparents' cottage.

We had our family cottage from before I was born, until I was about 20.  My grandmother chose to sell it about a year after my grandfather passed away, fearing a family feud should something happen to her and my mom and her six brothers had to deal with selling it.  Fortunately, it's been about ten years and my grandmother is still going strong... but the cottage was more work than she could handle and my grandfather had wanted to sell it anyway, so her decision made sense for her.  We miss it a lot, having our own place on a lake.  We are often nostalgic for our memories there.  Rather than dwell sadly about it, however, I try to remember it as a wonderful piece of my life story, but to be okay with the changes that happen as life moves forward.

Following the sale of our cottage, my parents ended up putting in a pool in their backyard and we have certainly enjoyed that and have made many new memories of BBQs and pool parties at their house.  I've highly enjoyed having my friends over to swim, and always get a kick out of it when my friends with kids come by.

I also continue to appreciate the cottage experiences I get through my friends' families, and Mr. Lock's parents' too -- the first week of August, we will get to head up to the cottage they rent every summer.  I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, July 02, 2015


You see, I want to blog.  I want to keep updating it and reaching out and enjoying the social atmosphere that blogging provides online.


I just don't know what to write about!  You see, I live a pretty average life.  I have a wonderful husband, I take care of my dog, I watch TV, I spend time with friends, etc etc.. nothing overly crazy or interesting happens worthy of writing about it!  I often start a "new post", and then abandon the idea of writing anything because I do not know what to write about.

It's a bit sad, because I *love* the act of writing.  Even this post that is about nothing, I feel great typing it out.  I want to share and connect... I just have no particular story to tell at this time!

I think I get stuck with how much personal information to share, not having a blog that has reviews or other general information to put out there, and then having a totally average, not that exciting existence.  Not that I'm saying that in a bad way.  I love my life.  It is totally normal and full of things like "today I did the laundry" or "today I watched three episodes of Psych on Netflix".  It is a happy life, just not necessarily full of much blog fodder.

So, that's where I'm at right now and that's why I hardly update... I rarely know what to say!  I'm going to try to keep it going, but for now I will admit it, if you stumble upon this blog... it may be pretty dull reading the Journal of an Average Josephine (what is the female version of "Average Joe"?).

PS -- if anyone out there really is reading this and would like to toss out some topics I could write about, go for it in the comments!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Counting down to summer!

This is the time of year teacher's love... the countdown to summer break!  I need a rest... kindergarten is so fun, but it sure tires me out!  I am crazy busy right now preparing and keeping up with all of our end of the year activities.  Last week was our special spring concert, and my students did an AWESOME job on their dance performance for their families!  I was so impressed, and their parents loved it too!  The spring concert is one of my favourite events of the school year.  It is so important that our students have a turn performing on the stage at least once a year!

This week we are very busy with Father's Day, a class year-end party on Friday, year-end assemblies... and finishing some projects that weren't quite done yet!   Next week, we will be taking home lots of our work, having a day to play in the sprinkler and water tables outside, and next thing you know it will be the end of another school year.

I will miss my students a lot, however since I am teaching kindergarten again next year, I will continue to have my current JK students for their SK year.  This is my first time being able to do that, and I am so excited to see how they continue to grow and learn as they head in to year 2 of the kindergarten program.  They have made incredible gains in just one year, how exciting to follow that through!

We have only 7 more school days together, 10 days until the break if I include the weekends and next Friday's PA Day.  The count down is so on!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Organized Person Hidden Within

I like who I am.  I like myself quite a lot.  I feel like I'm a reflective person, who is understanding of my flaws, and who has very much accepted the adult I've become.  I feel like I am caring and kind, I always try to be thoughtful of others, and I appreciate the type of people I surround myself with as friends (also thoughtful, ambitious, supportive, and I love them very much).  I appreciate my relationship with my family, I am lucky for how close I am to so many family members.  I am proud of my relationship with my in-laws.  My husband is my best friend and I feel so lucky for that, too.

There is still this one type of person I wish I was.  Someone I think I've been perceived to be at various times in my life, but I just cannot keep up with it the way I wish I could...

I wish I was truly the hyper-organized person that I think I project I could be.

I wish I was able to have one of those ridiculously, Pinterest-inspired organized homes.  I wish I was all crafty about it, and used space in the most amazing and organized ways.  I wish I had a perfect place for all of my things.

I wish I was better at the scrapbooking hobby I thought I'd try, and thought I'd take off with as a special hobby of my own.  I wish I could organize my photographs and memories into adorable scrapbooks and then store them on shockingly well-organized family room shelves.

I wish I organized meal plans and shopping lists and used cool grocery and menu planning apps to work on having a budget as well as a plan to help with dinners.  I don't wish this as hard as the other things, because Mr. Lock is my amazing personal chef so part of me also just appreciates his role in cooking for the two of us.  But, as we move forward and one day our lives change to being working parents... I will need to step in to deal with meals (so they are earlier in the evening), and so I do wish I had the capability/time management/organizational skills to menu plan and grocery shop in a cool, mom-blogger way.

I wish my classroom was more organized.  I wish I didn't always have piles of paper on my desk just after finally sorting through the other pile of paper that was there.  I wish I had the energy and motivation to stay into the evenings and clean up my classroom and set up amazing centres the night before each school day.

Honestly... I think in various experiences I have had I have given off the impression that I am quite the organized person.  I have the mindset and the wish to be a hyper-organized person.  I can make suggestions for how others can be organized.  I own a million notebooks and and calendars and always want more.  I drool over storage solutions and home design plans to organize spaces...

I just don't quite have the motivation or skill to pull it off well.  I am either too busy, or too tired, to bother.  Maybe if I keep dreaming, I will eventually do better in this area.  (HA! Probably not.)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our pup, Gryphon!

Gryphon is five months old now (as of May 7).  He's been in our home since Valentine's Day.  He is AWESOME.

He loves being outside.  We put bells on our back door, and he rings them when he needs out.  He often rings them just to go hang out on the grass.  (Also, to eat the grass.)   We do not having fencing yet, but we have a stake in the ground so he is attached to a tie-out and we don't need to worry about him running off on us.

He is fluffy and soft and snuggly, with wonderful fur that does not shed.  Just how we like it!  If you sit on the floor with him, he will always move onto your lap while he chews on his toys.  He is a love-bug.

He is already pretty independent.  Often, he is sleeping under the kitchen table on the cool, tile floor.  Being fluffy, he doesn't seem to like the dog beds we have for him.  I can only assume he gets too warm, and so the tile or hardwood it is.  We like that he is already calm and settled for most of the day, as it should bode well for the type of adult dog he will be.

He is still joyfully playful!  He loves to chase a ball or his puppy-frisbee (a smaller, soft frisbee).  He really loves chasing tennis balls and brings them back.  He is learning to "leave it", he doesn't struggle to much if you reach to get the ball out of his mouth.  He seems to want us to throw it over and over again.  He is bouncy, and leaps over the short stairs to the backyard or to the front entry area of our houses.  It is fun to watch him bounce and jump like a classic wheaten terrier should!

He is quiet.  He will bark, but he doesn't bark that often.  He doesn't bark when someone comes to the door.  He barks when he is outside and someone is walking in the nearby park or if he can see someone walking on the street behind our house.  He stops pretty quickly though when told to or distracted by something else, like a toy.

He sleeps really well in his crate.  We have transitioned him to a larger crate since he is growing.  He doesn't whine or cry when crated, he seems to just curl up and have a nap.  He sleeps through the night and rarely bothers us in the morning to let him out, we usually have to let him out and give him time to stretch and then encourage him to come down the stairs to go out for the bathroom.  He is wonderfully lazy, like us!

He is smart.  He has learned some commands and tricks quite quickly.  However, he is also stubborn.  He won't go for a walk with just one of us.  He does walk if we both go, or if we walk him with my parents' dog.  This is our next area to work on, because we'd love to be able to talk him for more walks but he is stubborn!

All in all, we love him and are so glad we chose to add him to our family!